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Muy buena

Overall fantastic, intuitive, good value for money and wished I'd been put onto earlier before my airline airpoints account was hacked (probably via public wifi which I have to use a lot). Only issue was that a Netflix trailer wouldn't run. Said that I had a proxy issue. Turned off PIA and it streamed just fine. Turned it back on again. Not ideal but not a big deal either.

Richard Burcher, 12/14/2016

easy to use. easy to setup thank you pia

Ricardo Arredondo, 12/14/2016

Private Internet Access so far has been good value and reliable access with no unexpected issues. It hasn't reduced the bandwidth significantly. I have been able to access all the sites I need without any problems. Slight minor issues installing the TAP driver. Would recommend temporarily turning off your antivirus just for the first time you run it then turning it back on.

James Ross, 12/13/2016

Private Internet Access is a really anonymous VPN service, which does not take logs and offers good bandwidth. Ideal for protecting your online privacy.

Mathias Müller, 12/12/2016

Customer service is eager to help and the my internet speeds are the same as if I weren't using a VPN. Definitely one of the best VPNs I've used.

Skylar Kaine, 12/12/2016

Had some difficulties getting the VPN service running and, after checking FAQs, submitted a support ticket. Very impressed with the response. Resolved the problem I had and provided some additional information to assist ongoing use of the service. I haven't used other VPN services but PIA's solution works well for me and I like the monthly payment option.

Graham Sellars, 12/12/2016

Highly recommend PIA to anyone wanting anonymity, speed and plenty of IPC addresses and countries. Works well and best value for the money out there

Travis McGee, 12/10/2016

Great VPN Easy installation... just click ! Don't need to be expert to be protected! 5 star custumer services; I did get my answer within minutes. No speed issue; can't see any difference and SPEEDTEST is telling me I have a 5% drop. Great price !

John, 12/10/2016

I am new to the service. So far I have had no problems and am hoping that renewing my service will be easy once my month trial runs out.

Michael Atkinson, 12/10/2016

Though the price is higher than other VPNs, it has been easy to set-up and use and effective. Speeds are high, connectivity is perfect, and I have not run into problems with torrenting yet.

Calvin Lu, 11/29/2016

Plenty of servers and great service overall.

abid_ xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, 12/14/2016

Wonderful app!

Storm, 12/14/2016

PIA offers wonderful service and the best bang for your buck. You not only get encrypted VPN service but the price also includes proxy as well. The setup is very simple and easy to use yet has all the features you would want in a vpn like killswitch, multiple locations/countries to vpn to and even malware/ad blocking. I've had no issues with lag or bandwidth speeds which other vpn services can struggle with. PIA is a US based company and they do not keep logs on your traffic. They also offer 24/7 technical service. They give you many choices of payment from Paypal to Amazon and even gift cards. I feel very comfortable doing business with them.

WB, 12/13/2016

This was recommended to me for my first VPN. Well-reviewed by tech sites who know what they're talking about, cheap for the service received. There were initially some problems getting the connection to stick, but changing a few settings at random fixed that (I'd also received some automated emails inviting me to contact their helpdesk if I needed to, but I can't say how good that is as I didn't need to). Overall I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a decent, simple VPN that does what it says on the tin.

Louise Slight, 12/12/2016

Flawless connection and speed. A few minor problems with captcha and logins to various sites. Part of the game though, I guess.

Patrick Dan Lorien, 12/12/2016

I used PIA for a few months a year ago and had financial difficulties keeping me from continuing their service. Once i was able to afford them again i bought a year's worth of time right off the bat. I dont know many other VPN's that offer as much as PIA does at their price you cant beat them! They also have a very quick customer service helpdesk. There is probably only one or two other VPN services that even come close to PIA. If you are thinking about a paid VPN service PIA is easily the way to go!! Very safe, very efficient, very fast speeds!

dan, 12/11/2016

I've been using PIA for a couple of weeks, it works great. I haven't used the desktop clients yet, but I use the Android app when I'm connected to WiFi at work or in public places. It's simple to connect to VPNs in different countries, and it shows you the upload and download speeds of your connection.

William Murphy, 12/10/2016

Always a great experience< prompt customer service also.

Linda Jean, 12/10/2016

Well, the vpn service works well and reliable. Annoying is the automaticly created recurring payment, the impossibility on the website to just extend your subscription for a year or just buy a new subscription within the same account. The confusion with different email addresses used for PayPal and the subscription itself gives irritation too.

Martin, 12/10/2016

The VPNs seem to work well, although support for chrome OS could be more user friendly.

Henry, 11/27/2016

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